What’s New week of Nov 30th – I forgot it was December

Anyone else find that December began with little fanfare? Add to the monotony of this year, it’s unseasonably mild here in the Maritimes. The kids handled the Christmas decorating, and yesterday I had to remind them that we hadn’t started the Advent Calendar (oops).

Still, I’ve never felt happier. To a certain extent, I feel it is my duty to stay positive, and keep those good vibes churning out to the world. I refuse to get sucked into the mainstream news and the political battles. There’s always more than we are permitted to know. I prefer to vibrate higher than all of that. 😉

Another busy week of home duties and product orders but I did get a few new listings up:

Just when I thought I was ready to spin all this cormo I processed/dyed I decided to re-blend it to let the colors integrate deeply. I’m loving the colors that develop. This was pink, purple and beige/brown that was set for a self-striping yarn. It now looks more purple IRL
I’ve failed at my attempt to make socks for gifts this Christmas. I should have realized during my business time of year I’m not going to want to make more stuff for others when I’ve been doing that all day. I’ve been vegging out mostly in the evenings. But I did dye another skein of the commercial sock yarn so I’ll be all set to knit thru the holidays
I’m very tired after another busy week, so I will sign off here. Please enjoy this pic of Peanut under the tree 😻

As always, my humble thanks for your support, you all keep me going! I’m dedicated to keep advancing in my craft and this year I feel more confident than ever in my abilities.

Be brave, stay positive and flatten the fear,

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