What’s New Week of Nov 23 – Shop Local

I know it’s hard to shop local when many business are closed or limiting the number of customers right now. With the exception of big box stores, which is hugely hypocritical on part of the government. Normally, the majority of my customers are from the United States, which being from Canada I always found odd. It hasn’t seemed like Canadians have embraced online shopping to the extent of our neighbors to the south.

This holiday season, my US orders are way down, and are mostly from Canadians. I miss my US customers but happy to get more Canadian sales, all the same. I was really thrilled this past week to fulfill orders for several new customers from here in Nova Scotia. I’m hoping this trend continues since mailing items in the same province tends to arrive very quickly, and I’m happy to offer the gift of handmade to my fellow Maritimers.

If you are like me and find wearing a mask difficult, it’s nice to know there are places to shop locally without having to go out, that’s not another big box store option.

I humbly thank you for the chance to create something beautiful whether it be for yourself or for a gift this holiday season. I hope you will be back in the future for more. ❤

Here’s what’s newly available this week…

Comparison of 2 skeins of monochrome yarn spun last week. Left is a 2 ply, right is a 3-ply crepe. Interesting how much darker the 3 ply is. This is spun from merino top that I hand dyed into a gradient black/grey
Earring gift and handmade note card sent with order as thanks to one of my customers this week
Peanut enjoying the tree after kicking his brother off the ladder 🙄😹

This is your weekly reminder to choose love over fear, to love each other fiercely and to tune into your higher self/tune out the negative media…

Love to you 💕,

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