Update Week of Dec 14th – Baking, baking and more baking…

No new products this week, as I’ve been taking the time to do some baking with my girls, and to get the studio tidied up. When I’m busy with orders, it starts to look like a bomb hit! I do have a few new items as well as revamped items to photograph. Hopefully to do on a sunny day. Winter can be so dark and depressing here in the Maritimes.

I find it ironic how simplified our year has been, and yet, the Holidays still seems hectic! I think my problem is the possibilities of what I would like to accomplish, as I feel like I have time to do it this year. But in fact, orders have picked up significantly this season and I’ve come to the conclusion I still hate being in the kitchen (ha!).

Take for example my goal to have all handmade gifts this year, with the exception of my girls, who want books, lego etc. They are privy to my handmade things all year round. I’m too tired in the evenings to get gifts accomplished, and too busy during the day to work on them. I think I have to start to make handmade gifts…a year in advance! 😉

Socks I was hoping to make for Christmas gifts. Will I ever get the first pair finished?? 😐😆 I dyed this commercial superwash merino blend with Christmas gifts in mind
I’m still reblending my cormo though I think I’ll take a break and get spinning. These 2 balls of fiber are the exact same, the one on the right is just blended more thoroughly. Not sure which I like better, so both may end up in the same skein of yarn
I’m currently spinning a mix of superwash merino and tencel in my quest for the best sock knitting textile. Tencel is a man-made fibre derived from wood pulp. It’s my first time working with it. It dyes like a cellulose fiber so the question is how to dye this. I may use a full spectrum dye that will dye both animal & plant fibers. I could also blend acid and plant dye together or leave the tencel undyed and just use an acid dye to dye the wool. It will be fun to experiment! I have one bobbin done, I’m aiming for a 3ply, but knowing my impatience it will end up being 2ply.
Neighbors are checking in on my rental property as my tenants are stuck in Spain. Although the arrangement was thru my tenants and the neighbors, I wanted to send along a small gift of gratitude. The property is an hour away and it’s such a help to have them keeping an eye on things when I can’t be there. I wasn’t sure if she even wore jewelry but I’m happy to report she loves them

I dont know if I’ll have an update next week as I’d Ike to have a break, but if I manage to create something interesting I’ll certainly share it here.

Sending you end of year greetings and winter solstice well wishes. Don’t forget to keep those vibrations high while we head toward the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, AKA the Christmas star 🌟 . Let’s start 2021 on a positive, high note

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