Happy New Year – it’s 2021

Happy New year! We flipped the calendar for yet another 365 days, though I suspect the real “new” year is in March. 😉 I’m a tad late with my update. No new products this week but I have some new stitch markers and jewelry that I’m excited to release in the near future.

Here’s a look at what I’m currently working on. The finished products will be revealed when they are listed and ready for sale.

I finally started my bamboo socks! These are on US4 needles and I’m farther ahead since this pic was taken. I cant seem to find a good chunk of time to finish these yet. I love the feel of the fiber, and the soft metallic color of the added firestar makes these visually appealing IRL. Look forward to trying these out
I recently sold my last gold horse necklace, and I dont think I will be restocking this one. I’m looking to phase out older designs to make way for new ideas as I sell out of the components. This is a gold-filled necklace, with an engraved initial done by myself. The horse charm is gold plated pewter, very durable. I still have lots of the silver version available
I always get excited when I have an order for matching necklaces, I dont get many requests for these. I have both mother-daughter and big sis/lil’ sis charms in sterling silver. I’ll engrave your first initials on the sterling silver disks. This particular charm has sentimental significance to me, as my mom is buried in her half (bracelets I made for my wedding). She was only 54 when she passed. This particular set is on its way to Idaho
I truly wish you could touch this yarn, it is soft and inviting. Kid mohair art yarn is on its way to British Columbia. It’s the last funky art yarn that I had listed. Time to make more (and go thru my stash to see what I can part with)
I finished my superwash merino/tencel blend, the next sock experiment yarn. This is also a thicker spin, I will most likely knit it up on a US4 needle. Once spun, I dyed it, and decided to just use a black acid dye that I worked sections at a time to get a grey scale yarn. Because it only dyes animal protein, the tencel (a man-made fiber derived from wood pulp) would remain undyed. I wanted to be able to see how evenly distributed the tencel ended up in the yarn. I have to admit I don’t like it. Plus after setting the tencel really stands out almost like it is not part of the yarn. I’ll knit it up and give it a chance. These will probably be socks for my husband
My gorgeous boy, being naughty for almost the final time this season. He was making that meow that tells me he’s about to climb up the tree! It’s coming down this week (he also hates it when I talk to him from up here for some reason 😂)

Keep those positive vibes going, I have a feeling we are in for a rough 3 months. Be sure to keep creative and talk it out as much as possible. Your mental health and well being is everything. 💗💫

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