Weekly Update- She Sells Seashells

I’m a few days late with my weekly update – but something miraculous happened on Monday: it was sunny! This has been a very drab winter thus far. One downfall of living on a rocky jagged coastline in Canada!

With sun means I was able to take new product photos. I do have studio lighting, but nothing beats natural light for product photos. Only one new listing for this week – She Sells Seashells – scroll down to see, and I’ll probably do one listing a week for now. I’m trying to have a bit of a break to work on personal projects (and to have time to think of new items I can design for sale).

I finished my bamboo socks, then promptly unraveled them! Now that you think I’m nuts, here’s why: despite measuring my stitches per inch and my foot size, the socks were too big. I’ve never had that happen with wool, and despite me loving a big comfy wool sock, I found the air circulating around the bamboo kept my feet cold. I think due to the nature of plant fibers being less stretchy than wool, the socks ended up bigger than anticipated. I wore them for about an hour before changing to wool socks. I’m going to re-knit 6 stitches smaller on US4 needles. I could have made a new pair and kept these, but why hang on to something you don’t like?
I finished my latest sock yarn, and it’s a whopping 618 yards! Last week I posted a photo of the 2 dye baths for the superwash merino and bamboo fibers that make up this yarn. Rather than blend it, I simply held both and spun simultaneously (more wool to bamboo). It worked beautifully and I’m really happy with the results. I’m planning on spinning different fiber blends to make socks, and try them myself before spinning more for sale
“Caribbean dreams” is one of my all time fave dye jobs. It’s handspun Icelandic sheep wool that I originally planned to keep natural color. When I decided to sell it I dyed it these gorgeous vibrant turquoise, green and yellow tones that was inspired by one of my fave places: the Caribbean. It’s now been re-homed to a customer in Ontario
Peanut loves wool, and this bag of alpaca is no exception! This is whats left of a bag of fleece from an alpaca named “Vita Von Teese”, who was 2 years of age in 2012 (the year i started spinning). I most likely obtained this one from the New Hampshire Sheep & Wool Show. I miss traveling to New England to fiber festivals, getting to know the small producers & their animals. It’s been 6 years since my last wool show.
New stitch marker set – She sells seashells- available here on Leilani handmade & on etsy @ leilanihandmade8888. These cute enameled charms are paired with freshwater pearls. Various sized rings for different needle sizes. Set of 8

Until next time, I wish you a week of peace & calm…

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