Mini Faceted Gemstone Earrings – are back!


January always means a time of renewal, growth & reflection for me. So it’s good that it is also the slowest month of the year for me sale wise. I tend to go through old designs to decide whether or not I want to keep them or finally put them to rest for good in January. I have a bin of “for more consideration” jewelry pieces in various stages of design. Something just does not feel “right” about them so I set them aside until I can examine it more throughly. I think many people assume that all I have to do is assemble a few beads together and list them online, but it is a more involved – sometimes even cathartic – process for me. If something feels “off” I simply will not share it with the world. Maybe it is an issue with the flow, overall look or just with the pricing or placement. It seems awfully involved for my designs that these days are very simple and streamlined, but I create not to encourage others to spend money. Creating means so much more than that to me.

In the case of these simple gemstone earrings they were offered a few years back when I only had an Etsy shop. Then the price of silver went up significantly and the price point bothered me. I designed these earrings with add-on, event or “thinking of you” in mind. Something inexpensive you could buy in bulk to give as shower gifts or to your wedding party – or even in gift bags/party favor. Maybe you want a small gift for a colleague or just need an inexpensive “thinking of you” gift. When they started to get over the $20 mark, I simply lost interest in offering them.

I recently got these really nice stainless steel french ear hooks in stock. They have a wonderful detailing and are a fraction of the cost of sterling silver. So I plugged the pricing into my spreadsheet and the material cost was significantly less.

I’m currently offering these cuties at the price of $13 a pair! They currently come in 8 different stones and if you buy multiples, I can give a wholesale discount. Drop me a line to discuss.


100 Days of Creativity: Day 50


Wow – I can’t believe I am half way through! Where did the last 50 days go? Time really does fly when you are having fun as they say…

I really wish I had something spectacular for the halfway mark, but it has been a busy day & I am lucky to even get one thing made, photographed & listed.

Here it is…still milking those 10mm faceted black carnelian beads I love so much! I decided I don’t have enough gold in my shop, so I put this pair together today:


Check out my shop for more info on this piece. I am thinking tomorrow I will make a few celtic themed pieces in honour of St. Patrick’s Day! That is the plan anyway…

100 Days of Creativity: Day 45


I’ve been noticing this trend the past few days where I am just exhausted in the evening…so I am trying to stay ahead of the game & post to Etsy & here on my blog earlier in the day.

So today my focus is on these pretty black carnelian beads. I obtained them oh, ages ago and am just getting around to using them in designs. I don’t have very many, so I treat them like a rare gem. 🙂 They are 10mm and faceted…


I decided to pair them up with these crystal quartz rondelle beads, which I think I have almost used up. I bought them some years back for a custom project & over estimated how many I would need. I am delighted to breathe new life into them as new pieces; for many years I have not been sure what to do with them. 8mm Bali (AKA daisy) sterling silver spacers finish this bracelet, making a nice piece of bling if I don’t say so myself.  Check it out closer in my Etsy shop

100 Days of Creativity: Day 42


I feel myself running out of steam. Although people remark that I “don’t look very pregnant” I can assure you when I sit for long periods of time the pressure on my back reminds me that there is pretty much a full term baby in there ready to come out in the coming weeks. So I can only sit for a few minutes at a time. So the designs have to come to me tout de suite from here on in. Today, no problem…

I must have been in an elegant, indulgent mood. I always like to make my pieces versatile so that they will go with pretty much anything you wear. At first glance this looks very dressy/elegant, but I think that it could really add to casual wear as well.



It contains 10x10mm faceted hematite squares & 9x4mm quartz rondelles.  The 8mm & 4mm daisy (bali) spacers are sterling silver. Find out more about this piece in my Etsy Shop