Pardon the mess…while we renovate…

It’s been all about baby here the past six months, so much so I neglected my online presence to the point where we needed to do a critical upgrade and reinstall to both blogs and website. When it comes to web space, you simply cannot “set it and forget it”. I often chuckle at times like this when I see people complaining when a site like Etsy goes down briefly. I can only imagine what it takes to keep a community such as that up and running. Not that I agree with all the practices of  third part sites, which, is why I have my own space. I think it is worth mentioning however, if you are interested in getting your own website, be prepared to nanny it constantly or pay someone else to do it. If you don’t have that kind of time or resources it may not be for you.

So we are down for a few days…I decided to do a total regut of the jewelry buying site. We are also upgrading to a responsive web design – responsive being the new buzz word for websites that display/work properly on smart phones and tablets (like the ipad). Not upgrading and adding critical updates made the sites sluggish and vulnerable to hacks…particularly the blogs.  What a mess! Definitely could have saved us a lot of work if I was paying attention and not in total baby bliss. Moral to this story: never fall asleep at the switch of your website.

No matter – onward and upward. I do like a good tear down and gutting & in many ways this is what it feels like…a complete and total renovation. It feels fresh & new and in the long run I will be happier with it. In other words, I’ll stop pulling my hair out soon… 😉

I’m not up and running 100% yet anyway on account of the baby so do contact me directly with any requests…and stay tuned on what I have been doing while on “maternity leave” – mainly trying my hand at the textile arts: knitting, crochet, and…my absolute new obsession…spinning fiber on my Lendrum DT!!! 🙂

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