The Jewelry Thief…

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I happen to live with 4 jewelry “thieves”. One comes in the form of a pint-sized little girl with chubby little fingers; the other are the 4-legged furry variety. I don’t get what the temptation is for babies & cats to touch exactly what it is you are working on at the moment. It doesn’t matter what I give them as a distraction; as soon as the jewelry gets laid out for that perfect shot, a cat lays across it, bats it across the floor, walks into the shot or my 16-month old picks it up just as I am pushing down on the shutter. It is so nice to have so many admirers of my work under one roof. 😉


Mind you…sometimes cute little feet in the photo works!


3 thoughts on “The Jewelry Thief…

  1. You have to have a sense of humor to live with kids and pets and try to get anything done.

  2. For the cat, it’s the insatiable desire to be anywhere that you are and be the center of your attention. Because ya know, it’s all about the attention (or the cat’s perceived lack there of).

  3. LOL! Funny thing is, my cats can’t stand my toddler; but when it comes to stealing jewelry when I am trying to photograph it I swear they are in cahoots! 🙂

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