The Website is getting a Facelift…

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I’ve been quiet as far as my online presence goes, while I desperately finish this website facelift: upgrade and design. I finally came to the conclusion that I need to just put it up and change things on the fly, otherwise my complicated creative mind gets wrapped up in making everything just perfect.

Everything has been tested as far as ordering an item goes, and you should have no problems there. There may be some wonky things, such as asking if you’d like to receive updates and offers from our partners – obviously, my little creative project has no partners, and we do not give your personal info to any 3rd party. These options are hardcoded into the website software and I will have to get hubby to remove them from the code.

If for any reason you have difficulty with ordering, because I have been unable to test every single item, please drop me a line so I can complete your order. If you let me know specifically how your order failed I will be happy to give you a 25% discount. 🙂

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Sneak Peek at the New Website Design

fresh look for launching fall of 2015
fresh look for launching fall of 2015

Back in June it became very clear that the website needed more than just a simple update. So instead of making the old theme work with the new software version, I decided to go ahead with a new, clean design.

I naively thought it would take me a month to do, but there have been delays along the way – not to mention it is summer vacation here! So I’m aiming to be done in September. I hope to get this completed soon as I have many new projects I would like to get listed and shared with you all.