Artist Spotlight: Nana Browns by Nicole Lulchak

Custom Insulated Lunch Bag By Nana Browns
Custom Insulated Lunch Bags by Nana Browns

I discovered Nicole’s Etsy shop back when my now 5 and 6 year old were baby & toddler, while searching for the perfect light weight sun hat. I was so impressed by her design aesthetic as well as fun & stylish fabrics. Soon came diaper holders and the life saving wet bags; all have proven invaluable over the years even now with my girls being 2.5, 5 & 6. In fact I am over due for a new purchase, I think I may have to get a crayon holder or two, as I can attest to Nana Browns durability and innovative design. Best of all: handmade in Canada!

Nana Browns sun hat circa 2010
Nana Browns sun hat circa 2010

how long have you been creating with fabric?

I have been designing and sewing for at least 20 years. It is my favourite form of creative expression and it always makes me feel connected to the women that have shared their knowledge with me over the years.

waterproof zippered wet bag by Nana Browns
waterproof zippered wet bag by Nana Browns

what made you start creating with fabric?

Probably my grandmothers were the biggest influence. They were always sewing something when I was growing up. Quilts, doll clothes, special dresses – anything that they could imagine. I loved everything that they made and wanted to know how to make things of my own.

crayon wallet by Nana Browns

what inspires your designs? 

My daughter is my biggest inspiration. She is 7 and her imagination is boundless. She does not believe in “can’t” so if she can imagine it she figures that mom can make it for her.

I am also inspired by the world around me. Colours, textures, the shades and depth in a sunrise or sunset …….

baby bib technicolor mushrooms by Nana Browns

What are your favorite pieces to make/creations you have made? 

I LOVE to make things for my daughter. She is still so thrilled and excited that her Mom made it for her and the pieces I make quickly become her favourites.

I also like to make quilts. They are practical, but can be very beautiful and multi-dimensional depending on the pattern and fabrics used. When I see a quilt it feels like I am making something useful and lasting. I make several quilts every year and donate them to a local hospital for them to use as a fundraiser and I also donate fabric and supplies to a local quilting group that makes quilts for other local charities.

burp cloth bright floral by Nana Brown’s

Where do you sell your work?

I sell my work locally at markets and by word of mouth. I also have a shop on Etsy:

Organic Cotton Flannel Nursing Pads by Nana Browns

Do you accept custom work?

Yes I do accept custom work. I have a lot of fun working with clients to make something wonderful just for them

lavender sachets by Nana Browns
lavender sachets by Nana Browns

Don’t forget to check out Nana Browns on Etsy, or if you are local to Red Deer keep an eye out for her at local markets & shows.


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