bb3’s February Newsletter & Giveaway: Sparkly jewels and Celtic Knots

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I thought I would share my intro to this month’s newsletter here, as I have gotten some response from subscribers that they appreciated my words:


It’s hard to find balance when you are a sensitive soul. I spend a lot of my existence with varying extremes of either apathy – why bother,  to intense anxiety/emotion with a whole lot of self-doubt mixed in. The most smallest or seemingly mundane thing can set it off and it is the main reason why art/crafting/creating has become a very important element in my day to day life. This will sound dramatic to some, but it is as important as the air I breathe: it sustains me and keeps me alive. It puts me in a calm, meditative state. It aids me in working out my most intense of feelings – both negative and positive and clears my mind so that I can be clear and effective.

Although this is a constant state for me I mention it now as I think this is a relatable feeling for many here (especially) in North America as of late. As important as it is to stay informed & be proactive for our future we must also not lose track of what we enjoy, who we love and our purpose on this planet.

So if you are feeling drained, hopeless, uninspired, defeated or simply going through the motions, we will fight through those feelings together. Thank you for taking this journey with me.


This month’s giveaway is for your choice of a pair of lemon quartz sterling silver earrings or a sterling silver Celtic knot necklace. The necklace features a tiny emerald gemstone – yes, real emerald. It’s a sweet necklace – I’m finding my jewelry is becoming quainter and more dainty the older I get. Plus, this size precious gemstone keeps everything in the proper price point for those that admire my work.

lemon quartz rondelle earrings
Sterling Silver Celtic Knot Necklace with Emerald


Also of mention, I am starting to destash my massive stash of jewelry making and crafting supplies. It’s time to find homes for things I’ve been hanging on to for a rainy day. I just don’t have the time to design like I used to. So check them out in my Etsy shop and please give them a new home. Much more to come in the coming weeks…supplies are not my fave thing to list…zzzzzzz…..

Last but not least I haven’t forgotten about this blog, I have just been really lacking in inspiration as of late. I am going to force myself to get back into the game and not just go through the motions as I have been doing these past several weeks. Fingers crossed!


New Engraved Celtic Knot Necklace

Celtic knot necklace in gold
Celtic knot necklace in gold

This necklace came to me the other day on a whim. I’ve had these diamond shaped blanks for quite some time now, and although I like their unique shape (as far as engraving blanks go) I could never find a design that I liked with them. With our annual spring trip to Nova Scotia coming up I had the Celtic knot on the brain. It is a common symbol in said province, and I love the symbolism of this endless knot. It just hit me out of the blue to engrave a Celtic knot onto the diamond shaped blanks.

celtic knot necklace in silver
celtic knot necklace in silver

This is definitely not my favorite design to engrave. It is incredibly intricate and if I miss a spot well, there really is no going back to fill it in. So like a maze or complicated jigsaw puzzle I have to analyze every line to make sure I have every piece connected correctly. I thought about what stone I wanted to pair with this celtic knot necklace, but in the end, I decided it looked the best on its own.

I’m really quite pleased at how quick of an idea this was. I have a sketchbook full of ideas and yet, some of the best ones simply come off the top of my head. I’m also looking forward to getting more practice engraving this mystical symbol.