New Personalized Necklace: Awareness Ribbon for Advocacy Awareness Memorial

Dpp 3019

I love it when a new product evolves from an existing one. I have a basket on my work desk of “rejects”.  Manual engraving is a skill. Being able to line up the font just perfectly, not scratching with the diamond tip, and making sure the blank is totally immobile so that it doesn’t move during the process are all things I have going on all at once. Sometimes I goof on the placement, accidentally scratch the surface or the blank will move because it just wasn’t quite tight enough. These are all thrown into the reject pile. Normally what happens is that I engrave “SAMPLE” across the mistake and use the other side for engraving examples. Waste not, want not, as they say.

Concentrating on all these things, I also have to make sure I have the initials in the right order. I have been known to reverse them, and upon a double check discover my mistake. These blanks are perfectly fine, they are just not fine for the customer expecting the initials in the proper order. 😉

This new Awareness ribbon piece evolved out of said boo-boos while engraving for the “Wings” memorial piece. In order to do an interlocking monogram, I engrave the outer initials first, then over lay the interlocking middle initial. So here a I had a couple of blanks missing the middle letter, as I had realized my goof before finishing the engraving. So what to do with this large gap? I came to realize that an awareness ribbon fits nice & snuggly in between.

kidney cancer awareness necklace with initials by leilani cleveland
Awareness ribbon necklace engraved with ribbon & 2 initials. Paired with an orange Swarovski crystal to represent Kidney Cancer.

The awareness/memorial piece was born. My main intention was to create an awareness piece, pairing the charm with different Swarovski crystals in colors of a variety of causes. But after it was finished I realized that this could also serve as a memorial piece to honor a passed on loved one (or loved ones as the 2 initials could be two people). Whether one is a supporter, a survivor or honoring the loss of a loved one this necklace has the ability to tell the personal story of the owner. It is truly unique to one’s situation and becomes a conversation piece for a variety of good causes. This is in essence why I enjoy doing what I do, to help with the healing process, and an ice breaker so help one tell the story of their journey.

Breast cancer Awareness Necklace Engraved Personalized by Leilani Cleveland Deveau
The Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon sample is a good example where I sometimes goof: see the triple line on the C? This is because the blank moved during the engraving process. I would never sell a necklace in this state, but they are great to keep for product development.

I currently have 18 different colors to choose from that signify a variety of causes from cancers to diabetes to caregivers. Some colors stand for more than one cause. I have chose to list the symbolism that I happen to know about/is most common, but I encourage you to choose the color that has meaning for you. If there is an awareness color that you would like to have I am more than happy to take your requests.  The possibilities can be endless with this topic, and I had to stop somewhere or this piece would never get listed. Browse the listing to see the colors currently available but do let me know if there is another cause you would like represented.

So much more still on the workbench. To keep my sanity I list a little bit every month. More new items coming soon… 🙂