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Pewter Horse Necklace


Handmade item
Ships from Canada
Pendant height: 18 Millimeters; Pendant width: 20 Millimeters
Materials: sterling silver chain, sterling silver engraving blank, culinary grade pewter horse charm
Closure: Spring ring
Chain style: Cable
Made to Order

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Single letters and numbers are engraved on an 11mm or 12mm disk (based on availability) that I make into a charm and polish to a shine.

Words, initials, and names 4 characters or less will be engraved on a 12mm sterling silver disk.

Longer words or names, up to 8 characters, will be engraved on a 15mm or 16mm (based on availability) sterling silver disk.

Your choice of several different lengths of sterling silver chain. The chain may vary slightly from the picture depending on availability at time of order.

This is a made-to-order item and can take between 1-2 business days to complete, though I strive to turn around orders in 1 business day. Made and shipped from my home studio in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Due to space, words and names are engraved in plain (single-line) font.
I like to engrave in ALL CAPS so that the word/name stands out on the small charm. Some longer names will not fit in all caps.
Maximum 8 letters, but I may be able to fit an extra 2 characters depending on the word – do inquire before ordering.

Please keep in mind that the longer the word, the smaller the font.

Although I can increase and decrease the size of each font, there are limitations. This is why there is a maximum amount of letters I can fit on each disk.

The style of engraving I do is known as diamond drag engraving using a manual Pantograph engraver. This form of engraving is considered obsolete since most is now done via computerized laser and rotary engraving.

I use primarily vintage brass font sets, so I like to think my customers are not only getting a handmade item but also a piece of history.

This is an “Old School” form of engraving. It differs from hand stamping, where the letters are struck via a hammer into the metal, and usually blackened to stand out. The diamond tip leaves an impression on the metal and is left the natural color. Any dark appearance in my photos is due to reflection or shadow.

Culinary grade pewter is AKA Britannia pewter alloy. You can drink or eat off cutlery or cups made from this form of pewter. The charms have been FDA-certified lead-free. I love these charms: they are made in the USA and have incredible, beautiful detail. You may gently polish these charms to remove any tarnish though abrasives and bench polishing are not recommended.

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