Handspun Yarn – Adventures in Indie Dyeing Volume 3




Length: 174 Yards; Yarn weight: DK

Weight: 1.8oz/52gr


Primary fiber: Wool (merino top – light and soft in feel)

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This is a 2-ply yarn spun from white Merino wool top. After spun in its natural color, I dyed it by randomly shaking on powdered dye in pink, purple, lilac, lime green, and blue. Instead of low water immersion dyeing which I would normally do for speckle dyeing, I added enough water to fully submerge the yarn, so that the color blooms out more. It reminds me of brush strokes of a paint brush.

Most of the time I dye fibers and roving before spinning, but once in awhile I like to spin the yarn first before having fun playing with color.

2ply; 1.8oz/52gr; 174 yards; approx. 12 wpi; light and soft in feel

Handspun on my Lendrum & plied on my SpinOlution wheel; dyed in my home studio in Nova Scotia, Canada

Ships from Canada’s east coast


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