butterfly charm necklace

Butterfly Keepsake Necklace


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Handmade item
Ships from Canada
Pendant height: 11 Millimeters; Pendant width: 16 Millimeters
Materials: Pewter, Silver
Closure: Spring ring
Chain style: Cable
Can be personalized
Made to Order

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Choose an initial for me to engrave on a 12.5mm sterling silver disk or an 11mm gold-filled disk that I make into charms and polish to a shine.

Paired with a culinary grade lead free pewter butterfly charm. These charms can be polished – with either a polishing cloth or liquid, although it is recommended that you avoid bench polishing.

Your choice of length of sterling silver or gold-filled chain. All engraved items are manually engraved at time of order. Handmade, mom made and made in Canada.

Choose necklace length “0 inches” if you wish to purchase the charms only.

This is a made to order item and can take between 1-2 business days to complete, though I strive to turn around orders in 1 business day.

Manually – not computer – engraved (not to be mistaken for hand-stamping).

Just what is gold-filled? The easiest way to describe it, is layers of brass and gold sandwiched together. These layers are bonded (clad) together with extreme heat and pressure. There is two or three layers within this sandwich. The result is a very durable product that has all the benefits of karat gold without the hefty price tag. The top gold layer does not chip or flake like gold plated items which has a minuscule amount of gold covering. Gold-filled is very popular with jewelry makers like me because it is affordable and easy to obtain.

Culinary grade pewter is AKA Britannia pewter alloy. You can drink or eat off cutlery or cups made from this form of pewter.
The charms have been FDA certified lead free. I love these charms: they are made in the USA and have an amazing, beautiful detail.

Butterflies symbolize many different things for different people. Transformation and spiritual rebirth being the most popular meanings. Also considered a symbol of hope and a sign from our loved ones when they pass on.

US customers: This item ships from Canada’s East Coast. Please allow *at least* 12 business days to receive your order to avoid disappointment. Please note certain circumstances that can slow down the delivery of your item, such as high volume, weather, and holidays.

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