gold vermeil petite awareness ribbon charm necklace
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Petite Gold Awareness Ribbon Necklace – Personalized


Handmade item
Ships from Canada
Materials: Gold
Closure: Spring ring
Chain style: Cable
Style: Minimalist
Can be personalized
Made to Order


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This necklace is super sweet and petite, perfect for everyday wear. It contains a 6x12mm vermeil awareness ribbon charm (gold plate over sterling silver), a 11mm gold-filled disk that I will engrave with a letter of your choice, and choice of length of gold-filled chain.

Gold is the international awareness symbol for Childhood Cancer, but if you simply prefer gold jewelry, I would buy it for whatever meaning it holds to you.

The style of engraving I do is known as diamond drag engraving using a manual Pantograph engraver. This form of engraving is considered obsolete since most is now done via computerized laser and rotary engraving. I have to rely on my skill and muscle to get the job done. 😉

I use mostly vintage brass font sets so I like to think my customers are not only getting a handmade personalized item but a piece of history as well.

This is not the same as hand stamping where the letters are blackened to stand out. Any dark appearance in my photos is due to reflection or shadow. The diamond tip leaves an impression into the metal, so it’s a tried and true, subtle form of personalization.

Just what is gold-filled? The easiest way to describe it, is layers of brass and gold sandwiched together. These layers are bonded (clad) together with extreme heat and pressure. There is two or three layers within this sandwich. The result is a very durable product that resembles karat gold without the hefty price tag. The top gold layer does not chip or flake like gold plated items which has a minuscule amount of gold covering. Gold-filled is very popular with jewelry makers like me because it is affordable and easy to obtain. It is advisable to not use heavy abrasives or bench polishing on gold-filled items so not to burn through the layers of metal.

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