black and pink handspun bubble crepe yarn
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SOLD Handspun Yarn – Bubble Crepe Art Yarn Pink Alpaca and Black Merino


Handmade (Handspun)


Length: 132 Yards; Yarn weight: Worsted


Primary fiber: merino, alpaca

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This is a variation of a bubble crepe yarn. Usually, bubble crepes are a 3-ply yarn, but this yarn started as a 2-ply pink alpaca, spun from a homemade batt blended with colorful firestar fiber (a nylon fiber added for color, interest and strength to natural fibers). It’s mostly pink with pops of color here and there thanks to the firestar. Alpaca fiber was processed by myself from raw: picked, washed, dyed, combed and blended before spinning.

The 2-ply pink yarn was then plied to black merino top in both directions, thus criss-crossing over it. The pink alpaca “bubbles” out the sides. It’s definitely not as drastic a bubble as I’ve gotten with fluffier fibers such as merino with this technique, but a very interesting looking yarn all the same.

As this yarn is very labor intensive and heavy on the fiber, I cannot spin a lot of it affordably. It would be fantastic as an accent to your project, as it is on the smaller side length wise.

4ply; 4.7oz/134gr; approx. 132 yards; approx. 9 wpi

Handspun on my Lendrum & plied on my SpinOlution wheel.

Ships from Canada’s east coast

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