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SOLD Handspun Yarn – Adventures In Plying Part 2 – Soft Hues


Handmade (Handspun)


Length: 340 Yards; Yarn weight: Worsted


Primary fiber: wool

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I adore the softness in both the color and texture of this yarn – I am tempted to keep it for myself…! This yarn is the product of my love of playing with the art of plying. First, I spun a combination of Lincoln-Romney cross wool, hand-dyed blue silk and sparkly silver angelina fibers (wool was processed by myself from raw: picked, washed, dyed, combed and blended before spinning). These were then plied together as a 2-ply, but then were re-spun in the opposite direction to a multi-colored targhee (sheep wool) top that I also hand-dyed pale blues, yellows, greens. The resulting yarn is a variation of a crepe yarn, since 2 plies are wrapping around one. It’s one of my fave ways to ply yarn, giving it lots of interest and fun to the design. Yarn enthusiasts will look closely at this yarn knowing there is something slightly different, but might not be able to put their finger on what makes the yarn so unique.

3ply; 5.4oz/154gr; approx. 340 yards; approx. 10 wpi

Handspun on my Lendrum & plied on my SpinOlution wheel.

Ships from Canada’s east coast

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