fire agate stack necklace
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Fire Agate Stack Pendant


Strong and beautiful fire agate stack pendant measuring approx. 1.8in (4.5cm) in length. Handmade at time of order from my home studio in Nova Scotia, Canada

Pendant made from gorgeous faceted fire agate rondelles measuring 14mm x 10mm. Comes on a 30 inch chain. The longer chain make this piece great for layering with shorter necklaces.

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For centuries people have believed that the unique properties of gemstones hold specific healing powers & awareness. Agates are considered very powerful stones that are also calming/soothing to the emotions. FIRE AGATES are said to aid those who are overly timid become more assertive and self-expressive. They are also associated with courage, protection, enthusiasm & goodness.

I will do my best to match your pendant as closely to the example as possible. Each stone is slightly different in color and you may notice slight differences in the color of your pendant.

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