faceted rondelle labradorite stack pendant with skull and wings
dark angel skull and wings pewter charm faceted labradorite gemstone stack
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Dark Angel Necklace Labradorite


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From my “dark angel” series – an exploration into death/rebirth. Pendant made of faceted labradorite, a semi-precious stone. Choice of chain length for this made to order piece. Skull and wings are culinary grade lead free pewter which can be polished much like sterling silver, with a polishing cloth or liquid cleaner, though bench polishing is not recommended.

Pictured with gun metal chain; approx 37mm (1.45 in) in height

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The “dark angel” collection is inspired by rebirth, getting over my fear of death, & mourning the passing of my own mother. Labradorite was my first choice for the collection as it has a wonderful eerie, mystical glow. For centuries people have believed that the unique properties of gemstones hold specific healing powers & awareness. LABRADORITE is said to enhance psychic abilities & strength of will. It protects our aura, teaches us to use mystical power wisely and gives us a feeling of inner worth.

This is a made to order item and can take between 1-3 business days to complete.

US customers: This item ships from Canada’s East Coast. Please allow *at least* 12 business days to receive your order to avoid disappointment.

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